23 March 2015

Highlights From My Last Three Months

2015 is well underway now, and I thought I'd take a moment during yet another snow/gray/blah day to highlight things I've done the past few months. 

My birthday was in January. On my birthday we took the boys to see Wild Kratts Live! It was a great day and I'm glad to have spent my birthday in that way. Before we went though, my boys spoiled me with some sweet gifts.

Pretty much nothing exciting happened in February, so here's a "valentine" I found in my tea cup one morning. The extra sugar from the night before's tea made a little heart on the bottom of my mug.

This month, two lady friends and I went down to Atlantic City to a Beth Moore conference. She is amazing and I had such a wonderful time listening to Beth in person, and hanging out with two amazing ladies. The only pictures I took are of the sunrise Saturday morning. So that's what I'll close with.

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