13 January 2015

We Have Some Wild Kratts Kids Here!

For Zeke's birthday present this year we got tickets to see Wild Kratts Live! at the MPAC (Morristown Performing Arts Center). The show was Sunday (my birthday - which was a great day) and oh, man, did we have a good time! For those who have never seen the show Wild Kratts, it's a show done by 2 real life zoologist brothers (from New Jersey) who teach the kids about animals both in live action sequences and animation adventures. It's really clever and highly enjoyable and as Zeke wants to be a zoologist when he grows up, it's one of his favorite programs. He was also Chris Kratt for Halloween this past year. 

We gave Zeke the tickets on his birthday, but I think he might have been a little underwhelmed with the gift, not fully realizing what it meant. What made that harder was Josh and I had no idea what the show would actually be like, so we didn't even really know what to tell him except that we would be seeing Chris and Martin Kratt live. However, as it got closer, and as we talked up seeing Chris and Martin more and more, they all got a bit more excited.

Yes, they each have a homemade creature power suit. Yes, they all wore their homemade creature power suits to the show. And yes, their homemade creature power suits were way cooler than the factory made creature power suits they were selling in the MPAC lobby. Or so we think anyway. Once we were in our seats though, the level of excitement rose exponentially. 

Look at Deacon's face. If you can believe it, those eyes and that smile (as did the eyes and smiles of both of his brothers) got even BIGGER when this happened:

IT'S ACTUALLY CHRIS AND MARTIN KRATT!! AHHHH!! YAY!! WHOO-HOO!! And all that jazz. Zeke looked like he was going to burst into tears at any second when the Kratt brothers popped up on stage. Deacon curled himself into a ball and squeezed in next to me, probably to stop himself from literally exploding. And Finn, well, will was just so into it. He cheered and yelled and clapped and bounced in his seat and called out answers to every question the Kratt brothers asked the audience. He was so much fun to watch even some of the other parents around us got a kick out of him.

Not the best picture, but my screen was completely black so I had no idea what I was getting a picture of until we got home and I edited the brightness levels. I think it shows how enthralled with it all he was though. All 5 of us really enjoyed the show. It was a great birthday present for Zeke, and a great birthday "present" for me as I had the best time watching my boys have the best time. Not that they're reading this, but in case they ever do: 

Thank you Chris and Martin Kratt for all that you do. You guys are the best! Love, the Walter family.

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