06 April 2015

Easter 2015

I know that post title lacks originality, but there's really nothing else to say. Easter was yesterday and like last Easter, we went down and spent the weekend at Josh's parents' house. We always have such a nice time when we're there. Like most times we're there, we took a little trip to the beach. 

It was a bit chilly, and SUPER windy. (See what I did there? I made the word "windy" look like it was being blown over by some strong winds. Ha!) 

Easter morning we went to church with Josh's parents. When we were picking up the boys from Sunday School, we heard Zeke closing the class time in prayer. He's such a great kid.  Then it was lunch and naps (so we could hide the eggs), followed by the "yearly" Easter Egg Hunt!

This year, Josh's parents got each boy a little Lego set. Josh and his dad emptied all of the sets into one big pile, then stuffed the eggs with the Lego pieces. (Worry not - there were also eggs filled with candy.) Once all of the eggs were found, the pieces were dumped into another big pile and picked at as the boys put their sets together. 

After dinner it was back home and off to bed. All in all, a really nice weekend, and a really nice Easter.

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