05 September 2014

Taking It WAY Back

After blogging the other day I put all of my pictures into folders by month, then went through each folder writing down possible blog posts based on the pictures I have. I then went through the blog (starting with May of 2013 since that's when the pictures I have left to figure out begin on my computer) and crossed off all of the posts that I've already written. Looking again now, at both the list and the blog, I feel like I've written about some of these things, but don't have any posts for them. Could things be missing? I really, seriously feel like they are. For example, I'm fairly certain I wrote a post about pumpkin picking/carving, and taking extra hay rides just for the fun of it, but there's no post on the blog about it. It could very well be that I just thought about it and planned it in my head, but never actually got around to writing and posting it. That does happen. I guess all of this is to say that when I write posts from back in the day, and it's one that you've already read, I apologize. I guess this is why I need to keep up with it a bit better. Also, I think I might do a photo dump post for each month, as I catch up on things, just because some pictures are worth sharing but not necessarily worth blogging about.

That being said, on to today's post, which is about things that happened in both May and December of 2013. Up until May 11th-ish, all 3 boys had their own bedrooms. For whatever reason Josh got it into his head that the older two needed to start sharing a room, and for whatever reason I agreed. We moved Zeke and Deacon into...um...into...into Deacon's (maybe?) bedroom.

We then moved Finn into what was Zeke's room.

After that, we turned Finn's room into the Lego room (okay, Lego/music room since Josh put his keyboard in there to play on while the boys build). Josh designed that table which his dad then built and painted. We also have a bin set up for storing the Legos now. Pretty sweet, eh?

All of this happened in May. Fast forward now to December, when the older boys got this for Christmas:

(SIGH. Apparently I don't have a picture of this so I have to upstairs and take one right now. I'm glad I made the boys make their beds today. Geez.)

One more time, fast forward now to December, when the older boys got this for Christmas:

Bunk beds!

This brings us up the current status of all sleeping arrangements within the house. We have been toying with the idea of switching some things around again (switching Zeke and Finn; putting Finn in with the other two; on days I'm super stressed out putting all of them back into their own rooms and getting rid of the Lego room) but I'm sure this is how it'll stay for our last year here.

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Julie Danielle said...

Yay bunkbeds! We are always moving boys around too. We now have Daniel-almost 10 in his own room and Drew-7 and Josh-3.5 with the bunkbeds and the toys. It seems to be working well. We can move Daniel in with his brothers if we have guests too.