29 September 2014

Fish On!

Looking through my notes of "missed blogging opportunities" I saw that I had wanted to blog about the first day of fishing season here but never did.  This past Saturday the base held a fishing derby for the kids (families) on base. Now that I'm about 90% over the awful cold I was seriously suffering from last week, I decided to sit down and blog about both!

First things first, the beginning of fishing season was back in April.  Josh was SO excited for it that he got up and went fishing at, like, 6:00am or something ridiculous like that.  By the time the rest of us woke up and started moving around, he returned triumphant.

That's right, he caught TWO decent sized trouts(?). Clearly he was very pleased with himself. As well he should be.

Later that day we took all the boys, and Tante, fishing. I don't know that anything was caught that day except for the one Finn got. Sweet Boy managed to catch a fish with the net we have. The fist was already dead, but he was still pretty excited about getting it himself.

Doesn't he looked thrilled? He actually was excited but when he went to pose for the picture he fell backwards into some sticker bushes (which is why Josh is directly behind him here - to stop him from falling again and to keep him somewhat still so I could snap a picture right quick).

After this Finn got bored and so I took him to play in the sand box (the volley ball court by our house) while everyone else stayed and fished on.

All in all, a pretty good day!

Now, we come to this past Saturday. As I said in my intro, the base held a fishing derby thing for kids and their families. There was also food, and archery and rifles set up for the kids to try out. (Everything was supervised by experienced and qualified adults.) This time my mom and stepdad came up. Josh and Pappy took Zeke and Deacon fishing while my mom and I stayed home with Finn.

After a nice day visiting with my mom and dad, Josh took Pappy back out for some "grown men fishing time." (No one called it that, but that's essentially what it was.)  None of them caught anything that morning, but Pappy sure was the big winner that night!

As you can clearly see by the picture that fish was at least eleventy feet long! And, I heard it took both of them to pull it in, plus three other guys who were out fishing as well.  In fact, the fish was SO big, and it pulled SO hard, the line snapped in the process, and Pappy had to dive in and wrestle the thing ashore! Well done, sir. Fish on!

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