27 June 2012

The Day Deacon Turned Five

You guys.  Deacon turned 5 yesterday.  FIVE!! How did we get here? It feels we just brought him home from the hospital. Now, here he is - five.  And what a day we had celebrating his fifth birthday.

It started when he got up (clearly).  We started the day by giving him our gift as Josh had to leave yesterday afternoon for another trip.  He opened his gift, MagnaTiles, and then the 4 boys proceeded to play with them for the rest of the morning and a good part of the afternoon, really.  I guess they were worth the money.

The rest day went like normal.  Around 3:15ish Josh's dad showed up for the party we were having later, and that was good because he got to see Josh before he left at 3:20, and I had another adult here to stay home with Zeke and Finn while I took Deacon to pick up his birthday pizza.  By the time we got back, just about everyone else was here - Josh's mom, my mom and the twins.

We let the boys freak out over having visitors, then we had some pizza.  While we ate my dad and Karen got here.  After pizza, it was time for presents.  We also had some stuff for my dad as it was his birthday yesterday too.  Deacon made out like a bandit.  I need to turn 5 again.

After presents it was time for cake and cookies (my friend Heather made the cookies again)!  Deacon picked a chocolate cake but couldn't make up his mind on a frosting so I did half chocolate, half pecan and coconut.  The ones on the plate are cars and trucks.  He insisted on having them frosted even though it meant you couldn't really tell what they were.  They were still good.

When cake was finished we were going to go to the water park but unfortunately yesterday was a cool, cloudy day, so instead we played in the back yard with his new Captain America shield, then went to the playground as people started to leave.

Even though it was time to start getting ready for bed when we came in from the playground, I let the boys watch an episode of Scooby Doo since Deacon got that for his birthday and was excited to watch one.

Today I took the sweet boy in for his 5 year check up.  He did well.  He's 43 1/2 inches tall, which places him at 60% for height and he weighed about 46 pounds, which put him at 80% for weight.  He IS a solid kid, so those percentages don't really surprise anyone.  What DID surprise me is that he failed his hearing test in both ears.  I'm not entirely sure the nurse had the plugs in all the way, and the doctor said he had a little fluid in his ears, so I have to bring him back in 8 weeks to have them retested. 

Otherwise, he is a perfectly healthy kid, with a VERY active imagination.  Josh said the other week, "If I could spend an hour in anyone's head, it would be Deacon's, and it would be an hour well spent."  He comes up with the wildest things and he keeps us laughing.  He's also become a bit bossy since school ended, so I'm trying to nip that in the bud.  He still loves wearing hats, and pretending he's anything from a pirate to a super hero to a fireman to a cowboy.  Deacon is also very much into Transformers and super heroes right now, Captain America being his current favorite.  His favorite movie right now is "Despicable Me" - those minions crack him up every time (me too for that matter).

Deacon is a great kid, and we love him to pieces.  I cannot wait to see what amazing things he's going to do with his life as his grows.  Happy Birthday sweet boy.  I love you!

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Michelle said...

Happy 5th birthday, Deacon! I love reading about his imagination! Would you believe Liam is the exact same size as him? At least, I think he is; we'll see when we get to his 5 year well child.

Is he starting kindergarten this fall?