28 June 2012

Now, For a Little Bit of Sadness

It is with a sad heart that I write today.  Our sweet cat, Peavey, is gone.  I think I'm taking it the hardest, which seems sort of ironic as I was the one who had the least amount of patience for him, but there it is.

Two weeks ago, Thursday June 14th, Peavey asked to be let out, like he usually did in the mornings now that the weather is nice.  As he walked past me I noticed he seemed MUCH too skinny.  There was a huge gap between his neck and his collar.  Part of me thought it was from shedding his winter coat, part of me thought it was too much for that.  I determined to have a closer look at him when he came back, maybe even take him to the vet.  Only, he never came back.

We told the boys this past weekend, when it became pretty apparent Peavey wouldn't be rolling back in.  Zeke took it the hardest and was holding back some tears.  Until Deacon mentioned getting a new pet, and then all the saddness was gone and plans for fish filled their heads.  (When at the doctor's yesterday she asked Deacon if we had any pets in the house and he said, "Well, we used to. But Peavey went away and now we're going to get fish.")  Sometimes I overhear them talking about where the cat might be.  "I think he's in Arizona with Daddy."  "I think he's in another house." After a particularly windy day, "I think he got blown away back to Alaska." "I think he's taken up with the bears and is terrorizing people around post." (That last one was Josh.) I think he found a nice cool, quiet bush somewhere away from here and died.  Finn doesn't understand and still walks around yelling his name sometimes.  It breaks my heart a little.

Peavey was a good cat, who saw more of the world than most humans get to.  He was sweet, with a great purr.  He could be a little obnoxious, but who isn't from time to time.

Peavey clearly favored Deacon.  I know I've told this story to a bunch of people, but I want to write it down here before I leave you with the picture montage video thing I made for him.  When I was pregnant with Deacon, Peavey would come home from being outside around 2 or so in the morning.  He would come in the window we left open in our "closet", walk to our bed, jump up, lay across my belly and purr.  A few seconds after he'd start purring, Deacon would wake up and start kicking.  Then the 2 of them would be there kicking and purring at each other for a solid 1/2 hour before Peavey would wander off and Deacon would settle back down, so I could get some more sleep.  They've been good buddies every since.

And now, that video I mentioned.  It's a bit long (5 1/2 minutes) so I'll understand if no one watches the whole thing.  I did find a neat quote that I felt summed up Peavey pretty well, that I put at the end, so watch some, fast forward to the end, watch the whole thing.  It's all good.  Also, I don't have the rights to the song, but it's a live version of Lynard Skynard's "Free Bird".  It seemed the most appropriate.

We love and miss you, Peavey.

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