20 June 2012

Now That School is Over...

Last week, Zeke graduated from Kindergarten on Tuesday.  He still had a full week of school to go to afterwards, but he graduated last week none-the-less.  I had no idea his graduation was going to be such a big deal, or I might have gone better prepared (as in, I would have brought my actual camera instead of my phone).

They held the graduation in the gym/auditorium.  They set up risers and all 3 Kindergarten classes were there, singing songs, doing their little play, and getting their diplomas.

They also did superlatives for the kids, and since they're in Kindergarten, they made sure there was enough categories so every kid could "win" one.  The biggest class had 23 kids, so there were 23 categories.  You knew they were reaching when they called out ones like "Jazziest Jump Roper" and "Terrific Shoe Tie-r".  The classmates vote on who they want to win each category and the teachers tally up the votes then call the winners at graduation.  Zeke won "Nicest Smile".  He also got a "Perfect Attendance" award - only 4 kids did.  The kid LOVES school.

Afterwards there was cake and drinks in the cafeteria.  This is when Zeke insisted on giving his teacher (pictured below - she's adorable) the gift he picked out for her (which I made, and is also pictured below).

Yep, he picked a giraffe, and then insisted it be blue - apparently he knew that was his teacher's favorite color.  Good job, Zeke.

Not to be outdone, Deacon graduated from Pre-School on Friday (which was his last day of school too).  Since Deacon's class only had 4 kids in it (well, 5, but one boy will be too young for Kindergarten next year, so he didn't go to the graduation), they grouped his class with one of the full-day Pre-School classes.

I love that they wore caps and gowns (he got to keep the cap).

They also sang some songs, "got their diplomas" (they had one rolled up piece of paper tied with ribbons that the teachers "handed" to the kid for the photo-op, but held on to to "hand" to the next kid), had a sweet story read to them by the 2 teachers, and followed up the ceremony with cake as well.

We were a bit wiser with Deacon, and gave his teacher (who truly was wonderful - we really lucked out with great teachers this year) her gift at school that day, well before the craziness of the graduation.  Again, Deacon picked out the project and the colors, and I made it (this guy I am SUPER proud of).

All of this made for a crazy busy week, but also a very sweet (and I'll admit, very emotional) week for our family.  I'll leave you now with a video of Zeke singing "First Grade, First Grade" in our kitchen (all the other songs and videos from both graduations are up on YouTube [you should be able to click Zeke's video here and be taken to our YouTube "page"]). When he first sang this song at home, it was seriously all I could do to NOT cry.  My sweet boy is growing up so fast.

And now to enjoy our summer vacation!

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Julie Danielle said...

That Kindergarten graduation looks great! Daniel't school didn't really have one. Your boys are getting so big!