11 May 2012

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

So, Finn's birthday is May 5th, which is also Cinco de Mayo.  We don't really "celebrate" that holiday, but I did use it as the theme for the food I served at Finn's bithday party this year.  Usually he does like my chicken enchiladas, but I figured he wouldn't eat much with everything that would be going on around him, so I planned food that I wanted to eat.

With Finn's birthday falling on a weekend day this year, we were able to have a party for the little man with all 6 of his grandparents, 2 (out of 4) of his aunts, and 1 (out of 2) of his uncles.  It was a nice day and I, for one, had a good time.  Unfortunately, Josh wasn't there as he is currently in Korea, but we had fun without him. (This picture was made for him by his Aunt Kirsten [aka Tante] - we hung it on the front door for decoration.)

Everyone arrived around 3:30, we all hung out for a bit until dinner was ready. Besides chicken enchiladas I had a little "taco bar" set up and some Spanish rice.  I'm sure that's not all exactly "Cinco de Mayo food" but I was happy with it, and I think it worked for everyone.  We even had a "kids table".  Juuuust kidding Bobby and Kirsten!

After dinner Finn (with the help of his brothers) opened his presents.  He got so many cool things.  Thank you (again) to everyone for all of his gifts.

Then it was cake time!  And by cake I mean cupcakes (which Finn only eats the frosting off of right now).

Along with the cupcakes I asked a friend of mine here to make some Mickey Mouse themed cookies for the party and she did an AMAZING job.  These cookies were so stinkin cute and tasted to stinkin good.  So thank you (again) Heather, if you're reading this.

After dessert it was time for people to leave, to clean up and to put 3 exhausted boys into bed.  All in all, a very good day for a very sweet boy.

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