16 May 2012

I'm Going to Show Off a Little

As most of you know, Mother's Day was this past Sunday.  My Mother's Day was very nice.  I woke up, opened my gifts from my boys, went to chapel, did some shopping (ALONE!), and the rest of the day was like any other Sunday.  So, it was great.  Since I don't have much to say about my day, I wanted to share some pictures of the sweet loot I got.

Each of the boys made me a card at school (I'll spare you those pictures, but they were very sweet), and they each made something with their pictures in it.  Zeke made a flower and Deacon made a frame.

I like the hands as leaves idea in Zeke's flower, but sadly, they didn't trace his whole hand (or he cut off part of the bottom), so it's not exactly accurate.  But it's very sweet and I love it all the same.

Deacon also made me a decoupage candle holder.  It has a neat little paper on the one side that says, "You Light Up My Life" then it has his name, then "Happy Mother's Day 2012".

Now, for the stuff Josh bought.  He did really well y'all.  These last 2 gifts were both bought in Korea, while he was there last week. The first, from him, was this beautiful jewelry box.

The design is done in mother-of-pearls.  Fancy, right?

The other gift, "from the boys", is a necklace.  I LOVE this thing.  It is purple on one side (amethyst):

and green on the other (peridot):

BUT, that's not all.  Besides being double sided, the necklace OPENS so you can wear it as teardrops:

Pretty sweet, right?!:

So yeah, I had a pretty good Mother's Day.  It was nice spending it with my boys (all 4 of them), as well as getting out on my own for an hour or so.  I love my 3 little men, and am truly blessed to have them call me "Mom".

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