10 May 2012

Mr. Finn!

You guys.  My baby boy turned 2 this past Saturday.  How did this happen? HOW could we have gotten here so quickly?! I admit, it makes me a little sad to think about this.  NOT sad enough to consider having another baby or anything, but a little sad all the same.  But then I think about what a fun kid Finn is and I'm not so sad anymore.

Finn is, also kind of sadly, losing his baby fat and so his cheeks and belly are thinning out a bit. A number of women have commented on how sad that makes them feel as well.  Finn has slowed down a bit in the amount of food he eats, but that's normal for his age, so I don't think it's a big deal if he eats 2 pear slices and 2 crackers for lunch.  He's still growing and the pediatrican said he looks great is doing great.  She also said he has perfect ears - whatever that means. And while we're on the topic of his growing, the sweet boy weighs 29 pounds 10 ounces (75% for his age), and is 34 1/2 inches tall (50% for his age).

Finn, mostly, is a joy to be around.  He is talking up a storm and it's really fun to hear as both of his older brothers were a little delayed at this age.  His "no" usually means "yes" unless accompanied by head shaking, in which case it definitely means "no". He loves to watch TV - mostly PBS shows, but he LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  He knows how to work an iPhone/iPad/etc with skill and ease. He has to do everything himself. He can be a bit stubborn and whoooo boy can he give you a look if you try to interfere without his asking.  Or tell him no.  He really doesn't like being told no.  But what 2 year old does?  I'll have to try to get a picture of the face he makes when I anger him and he's not sure what to do besides stare me down.  It's really kind of funny.

Finn also LOVES his brothers.  He likes to play with them, read with them (Finn REALLY enjoys books), follow them around, annoy them, bother them, eat with them, color with them (my LEFT-handed boy could color all day) - Finn's life is one big game of Monkey See, Monkey Do.  He loves going to chapel/PWOC and hanging out in the nursery with the CDC (Child Development Center) workers who take care of him there.  In fact, the CDC workers all love him too, and he is like a rock star when we walk through the actual CDC to take Deacon to school every day. All the ladies saying, "Hi Finn!" as we pass by them.  And he just struts past like, "That's right, I'm cool."

Did I mention how much he l-o-v-e-s LOVES water? Whether it be in the tub, in the shower, in the pool, in the ocean, falling from the sky, in the sink, spilled on the floor, in a puddle in the middle of a parking lot, or in a rock outside Deacon's school (as pictured below), Finn will find and play in and thoroughly enjoy water.

And that is pretty much it for Finn's 2 year wrap-up.  I love you Little Man, and I cannot wait to see what fun and interesting things you add to this next year.

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