14 May 2012

I Saw It With My Own Two Eyes

As we were sitting at the bus stop this morning, a dump truck pulling a backhoe drove by.  Zeke was excited by the sight of it, but not excited with the noise it made (he has some sensitive ears).

As we watched it drive past, commenting on the noise it made, we heard "snap, snap, snappity snap snap snap." (That might be a little exaggerated.) The first snap was the backhoe hitting a tree branch, which caused us all to look up and watch as the rest of the snaps occured - the backhoe snapped the wires that hung across the street!

It was the craziest thing.  As the dump truck pulled over, I called the Picatinney Police Department, figuring they should know what was going on.  The guy who answered was pretty funny.  When I finished telling him what happened, he was like:

As I repeated the story, he sounded a little more panicked as he turned to the guy sitting next to him and said, "Hey, send [Phil] down to this street right now.  We have WIRES DOWN!"  I repeat, we have WIRES DOWN.  He didn't repeat it.  That was a joke.  But so then he asked me for my name and asked me to wait at the bus stop until the officer could get there to take my statement.  I said okay, but was a little concerned as I left Finn and Deacon home with Curious George as a babysitter.

So here's a crazier part - when Zeke's bus driver rolled up to get the boys, she said, "What's with all the wires down?  There's some here, and there are some back down the street."  See video above for our reaction.  Apparently this guy must've snapped other wires on his drive, but didn't realize.  Oh New Jersey.

But all's well that ends well.  The boys were fine.  The police showed up.  We didn't lose power or phone or anything, so who knows what those wires do.  And I have a fun story to tell here.

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