16 April 2012

When You're the Best of Friends

With Zeke and Deacon being pretty close in age (a week shy of 18 months) they really are best friends. They like to do most things together, even when they get on each others' nerves. Zeke will refer to Deacon as his friend more often than as his brother, and it's a lot of fun to see them pal around as much as they do.

And pal around they do. Awhile back Josh told them they could get out of bed whenever they had to use the bathroom. As we all soon learned, both boys usually have to use the bathroom before I get them out of bed in the mornings. Usually we'd hear one get up and pee, then we'd hear the other one get up and pee. THEN we'd hear one get up and go into the other's room where they would play and play and play until I either went in to tell them to quiet down, or to get them up for the day.

Recently though, we've had to put a pause on this. Zeke is a MUCH earlier riser than Deacon is. Zeke likes to wake up and GO GO GO at 6/6:30. Deacon, on the other hand, likes to sleep until 7:30 or so. Lately, Zeke had been waking up, then waking Deacon up to play, causing Deacon to be a real grumpy kid come 8:30am or so. Yay.

It all came to a head yesterday morning though. Yesterday all was quiet until about 7:30 when we heard that scream/cry thing that kids do coming from Zeke's room. Josh and I both bolted out of bed, ran to Zeke's room to find the door locked, and the crying coming from his room. Zeke opened the door, with tears streaming down his face saying that his leg hurt. We sent Deacon back to his room, and eventually Zeke told me how Deacon had a book he wanted so he took the book from Deacon and in return Deacon kicked him in the leg. (The story later changed to Deacon hit him in the leg, but you get the idea.) So we put an end to "hanging out in each other's bedrooms before 'wake-up time'" time - for now anyway, we'll see how long it lasts before they reinstate it.

The best part? Deacon's take on the whole thing. When I asked him what happened he said Zeke took the book from him then Zeke "bit his own leg off." Oh Dee Dee, where do you come up with these things?

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Michelle said...

Yep, Liam and Ben at 19 months apart are the same way. Sigh.....Ben is even my later sleeper too.