19 April 2012

Like Fish In...Well...Like Fish In Water

Yesterday Zeke and Deacon had their first swim lesson and I must say, it went rather well. I had expected a lot of hemming and hawing and "I'm too scared"-ing to happen, but they both went right in and did everything their teacher asked - including putting their faces right into the water.

The boys really did so well, especially considering they haven't ever really been swimming. But they worked on floating on their backs, gliding, blowing bubbles under water, kicking, paddling with their arms, etc. At the end, they even took turns jumping into the pool.

I am sorry for the poor quality of these pictures, I only had my phone with me. Maybe next week I'll bring my actual camera. There is a bit of splashing that happens though, so we'll see. If you look at the picture above, that's pretty much the whole pool their lessons are currently taking place in. Can we say tiny? But it works well for the purposes of the lesson, and their teacher Ms. M is super sweet and REALLY good with the kids. I am pretty excited and am looking forward to future lessons and watching my sweet boys learn how to swim. Who knows, maybe after the first 4 week session is over, I'll sign Finn up too.

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