21 April 2010

These Boys

As the baby's arrival gets closer, we have been doing little things here and there to prepare ourselves/get some things ready. After months of Josh saying that we would have to switch cars when he gets here because all 3 carseats (well, 2 carseats and 1 booster seat) would not all fit in my middle row together, and me telling him he's out of his mind because there's plenty of room back there, he finally got the baby's car seat out of the shed, I finally washed it, and sure enough, there is not enough room back there for the 3 of them. Thankfully, Josh was able to come up with a second option (one that did not involve me having to drive his vehicle from now on):

That's right. Zeke is now sitting in the third row of my car, and loving it. When I was moving carseats and stuff around, trying to figure everything out, I looked up Volvo's regulations about the third row and apparently, with their "specifically designed and fitted" booster seat, the third row is actually the safest place for a child of Zeke's age/size to be. I had the local Volvo dealership order me one of their "specifically designed and fitted" seats so we'd have it before #3 showed up. Guess what, $114 later I now have two booster seats that are essentially the same thing. Awesome. But, like I said, he loves it back there and can't wait to sit "in the back of Mommy's car on the pretty circles" (the seat has polka dots on it) whenever we have to go somewhere.

* * * * *

Speaking of driving, there's a newish pothole on the road that we pass over whenever we're coming home from town (school, church, walmart, mcd's, etc). When you hit this pothole it's a very noticable thing. In fact, if I hit it Deacon usually asks in a rather incredulous voice, "What was that?!" I have since figured out how to avoid it while still making my turn on time (it's positioned right where we switch lanes to turn off the main road to get to our house).

On Sunday, Josh was driving us home from church and hit the pothole. When the car was done shaking, I turned to Deacon and said, "What was that?!" Deacon, rather noncholantly, said, "Oh. Daddy's driving." Yeah, I guess it was silly of me to be surprised that something "crazy" would happen with Daddy behind the wheel.

* * * * *

I had my 36 week appointment on Friday. Everything's good, progressing and growing right as it should. I got a quick ultrasound to make sure his head is down, and it is. Like I said, everything's good.

While the doctor was scanning though, she made 3 comments I thought I'd share with you all here.
1. "Well, he is definitely a boy and proud of it!" That made the other girl in the room, who was learning the ropes of the clinic, crack up.
2. "My goodness is he moving a lot. You must not get any sleep at night." Yes, because his moving is the only thing that makes sleep a hard thing to get most nights. But it's funny, because he doesn't "move" as much as Deacon did. I felt like Deacon was con.stant.ly. in motion in there. This guy moves, but he does more of a pushing thing, where he picks a spot and just sort of pushes against it with whatever body part he chooses. It's not that much fun, but I'm thankful he's not much of a "mover" like his older brother.

Okay, rabbit trail there. Sorry.

3. "Wow, he's just taking up all the room he wants, huh? His head is all the way down, but his feet are all the way up in your ribs. You must feel him all over." Yes, yes I do, and I really could do without the feet in the ribs thing, thank you. Now I wonder how long he's going to be?

* * * * *

The other night at dinner Zeke finished his glass of water and asked for some orange juice. As Josh was getting up get it for him, Zeke decided he wanted to help. So the two of them went over the fridge and poured some juice. I was watching because I enjoy watching Josh with the boys first of all, and second of all, I enjoy watching Zeke attempt to do new things/help out. So, all 3 of us had our focus on the kitchen when I heard Deacon say, "Where's Deacon?!" I turned to look at him and almost fell out of chair when I saw this:

Seriously, this kid is too much sometimes. Family dinners just get better and better as Deacon develops his sense of humor more and more. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

* * * * *

One day, a few weeks ago, two of the boys in Zeke's class were at McD's on the same day and thought it was the best thing ever. The next day in school they planned on doing it again, their mother's said okay, and invited us to come along. Since then we've all gone to McD's for lunch one day a week (usually Wednesdays, but sometimes it gets pushed to Thursday). It's fun for the boys, it's nice for me, and Josh is sad he doesn't get any cheeseburgers.

What cracks me up the most about it is that Zeke usually spends most of our time there playing with Deacon, instead of the two boys from his class. In fact, last week while we were there, Zeke and Deacon ran around the play area together holding hands. There was much "aww-ing" going on by the other parents around us each time they ran past holding hands. They're such sweet boys.

Anyhoo, one of the last two times we were there (I can't remember which time because I really have almost no brain power these days) I saw Deacon pulling on another kid. The kid was just sitting on the steps to the big slide, blocking they way for everyone, so Deacon was trying to clear the kid out of the way so everyone could continue climbing. I stood up and called his name (so I could tell him to stop pulling on that kid). As I was calling, "Deacon...Deacon!" Zeke popped his head around the play equipment and yelled back, "Yes, dear?" Needless to say the every adult in the room started cracking up and I just sat back down, shaking my head.

Good times. Goooooood times.


Sara said...

I'm laughing. I love you all and I miss you.

Ells said...

ohhhh, great stories. So excited for you about 3 boys! And the great carseat solution... makes me want a Volvo next!

Julie the Army Wife said...

Zeke is going to love sitting there I bet! What a great car :)

I can't believe you are so close to having the baby!!! Do you guys have a name yet?

Childress Family said...

Glad you figured out the car thing. That's tricky. We often wonder what we'll do if we get another baby. John's certain we can fit 3 across the back of the barely-a-sedan (same Saab from Germany). I think that's nuts. We'll see.

Nicole and Chris said...

You guys better be careful or a minivan will be inevitable.....