24 April 2010

Look What We Did Today!

In the late morning:

In the afternoon:

That's right! It was finally warm enough today to go outside and play. In the late morning, Josh took the boys out in the front yard to play (the cat even joined in the "festivities"). This afternoon, after naptime, I took the boys into the backyard to play. It was wonderful. Especially since last Monday it snowed for 20 hours straight, this past Thursday it snowed for 6 hours straight, and yesterday it flurried throughout the day in different parts of town. It was so nice to have the sun come out and stay out all day long. Let's hope we're in for a lot more of this kind of weather now.


Embrace the Circus said...

Beth, I think you need to come visit California. I'm really, really glad that you guys got to play outside (and that it didn't snow!), but we've just pulled out our wading pool... I feel guilty! Come share our sunshine!

Nicole and Chris said...

Is it just me or is Peavey a wee bit fatter than I remember?