06 April 2010

I Thought We Were Done With This

Sigh. I woke up this morning, looked out my living room window, and saw this:

I pretty much figured it would look like this when I woke up at 1:30am to use the bathroom and saw that it had already started snowing. I knew for certain it would look like this when I saw that it was still snowing the next 3 times got up to use the bathroom.

It looks like it dropped 2-3 inches before stopping this morning. I did snow again while Zeke was in school, but has stopped again and now the sun is trying to shine through the clouds. There's no doubt the snow is beautiful, and it will make more water for the boys to splash through (their supply was getting low - not low in that all the snow was almost gone so there wouldn't be any more melting, but low in that the initial melt had even itself out so the water levels were lowering and draining in a more effective manner), but I'm ready for it all to go away. It was so nice seeing the grass again.

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Paula said...

Beth, I'm with you. It's supposed to snow here tonight as well - only 2-3 inches - but still. Stay cozy!

Ells said...

poor Beth! all those times up! Here's to better sleep, but great job staying hydrated.