30 March 2009

A Beautiful Moment

I got to witness, unbeknowst to those involved, a very tender and beautiful moment in church yesterday. Part way through the worship time (the time of singing) the band slowed things down with a low-key song. They had some of the elders of the church hang out across the front of the stage and invited people to go down and pray with them if there was something in their lives they wanted prayer for. They also opened up the communion table at this time for anyone wanting to partake in communion.

So, during the service, sitting in front of me was a husband and wife and their teenage daughter. I have no idea who they are, but there they were. During this song, they went up and brought their communion back to their seats, prayed as a family and took communion together. This isn't the moment I'm writing about, although there is something sweet about seeing that. No, the moment I'm writing about happened during the next song. This is just to set up the moment.

It became apparent to me that something had struck a chord in the woman sitting in front of me - some burden or hardship or saddness that hit her in that moment. As the band picked it up a bit with then next song, she held her husband's hand with one hand and wiped her tears away with the other. Seeing this, her husband leaned in a little, whispered "I love you" and kissed the hand that was holding his. It really was a beautiful moment. What made it even better is that I was not the only one who witnessed it. Their daughter, who I would guess was about 16, looked over at them at just that moment and saw it too. The smile that came across her face as she turned back to singing was priceless.

That moment made me realize so much. It made me realize how, as parents, we really are role models and examples to our children in every aspect of our lives. It made me realize that my love for my husband and his love for me affects more than the two of us, it affects our boys. If that girl's face is any indication of kids in general, parents' love for one another, expressed in visible ways for our kids to see, help our kids to feel loved, accepted, safe, and secure themselves. What an awesome responsiblility, but what an awesome gift at the same time. Lastly, it made me realize just how precious love is.


corry said...

that is very beautiful your boys are going to know what loveis because you and Josh show them the way to Love and be Loved

Anonymous said...

that is precious. thanks for sharing. i'll try to remember that when i get married and have kids. btw, i think you and josh are a great example of love :)

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! You are exactly right about love and the example we show to our children. Mom always said that the most important thing she could do for us kids was to love Daddy well and let us see that. As an adult, I think she was right. Their love made my world so secure. And you and Josh are doing that for your boys. When Zeke and DeeDee are old enough to start thinking about God's love for them and what that really means, they'll be able to conceptualize it because they'll understand what love is from having watched you and Josh. It's your most sacred duty as a parent...and you're doing it well. :-)


Sara said...

you're so wise my friend. :)

Thanks for showing your love for each other to your boys and thanks for showing your love for each other to us too... you are good examples.

Nicole Humphrey said...

Your post brought me to tears...a reminder that all that we do holds purpose.