24 June 2015

We Will Miss This School

The last day of school was today. As excited I am for summer vacation and all that it holds, I'm a little sad. Since we're moving this summer, today was the last day we will be at the school the kids have been attending here. It's been such a wonderful place to us - great teachers, a wonderful principal, and an amazing speech therapist. I'm sad to be leaving them.

On the 12th, the 3rd grade had a Flat Stanley Day where each class presented a song (or two) from (or about) different places around the world. Afterwards the kids were broken up into groups and did presentations on whichever continent they had been assigned. Zeke did a sweet weather report for Perth, Australia.

The best part was that my sister, Kirsten, was there! (She had come up to babysit for the weekend as we had a wedding and what's it to attend.)

Last week the boys had an award ceremony. They each got an award! Deacon got one for reading:

Zeke got one for math ("I killed my multiplication facts!" he said):

I'm really very proud of both of them.

Yesterday was the day for class parties, and since it was the end of the school year and he's essentially the size of most of the kids in Deacon's class, I brought Finn with me.

He just sat himself down next to Deacon, kicked off his flip flops and made himself at home, fitting right in.

And now, it's over. Take a look at my (now) 4th grader and my 3rd grader, and compare them to how they looked in the beginning of the year.

My, my, how time does fly!

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