17 December 2014

More Fun at the Fire House!

Last month I posted about the Fire Safety Day thing the firemen on base put on. Well, today was another fun day at the fire house. Our Bible study group collected cookies and made platters to take to the 3 gates, as well as the police department and fire department. I delivered to one of the gates, and to the fire department, and boy am I glad I did.

I waited until after school to drop off the cookies, because of lunch and naps and what's it, but also so the boys could come with me as they love the firehouse. Can I just say, our firemen are great and we had the best time. 

After letting us in to deliver the cookies, two of the firemen on duty (we'll call C and E for their last names and to make it easier for me to type these stories) took it upon themselves to show us pretty much EVERYTHING. They started with a tour of the kitchen and dining area, then it was on to the trucks.

By this time C had learned Finn's name and was not shy about calling him back from wherever he shouldn't have been whenever he was in places he shouldn't have been. They put all of the boys in one of the trucks and showed them all the buttons and gear and stuff.

C thought it would be great to have E get fully dressed up so the boys could see what it looks like. E had the even "better" idea to dress ME up in all the gear.

Awesome. I know.

After I had finished disrobing, the guys showed the boys the bottom of the pole they slide down. C asked E to demonstrate and I said, "Don't you dare volunteer me for this too!" He didn't, because normal people aren't allowed to slide down the pole. Although, E did tell me that if I sent my husband back with a pie or two they'd let HIM slide down the pole. Funny guy.

C actually demonstrated though.

Once the pole demonstration was finished, I figured we were finished too, but no! The guys took us upstairs to see the sleeping quarters and laundry room, conference room and lazy-boy room (a room with a giant tv and 12 lazy-boy recliners just lined up). The lazy-boy room was also where the top of the pole is. It was a very cool and very extensive tour, taking us a little over an hour to do. At the end they gave the boys goody bags and off we went, a happy little group. 

Thank you Picatinny Arsenal Fire Department for being so cool!

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