01 November 2014

Fire Safety Day

Today, the fire department on post had a Fire Safety Day thing. Since all 4 of my boys love firetrucks and the like, we decided to head over and check it out. We're so glad we did! They had this trailer that was set up like a house but with bleacher seating on the one end. 

We were briefed about fire safety in the home, specifically in the kitchen, and we watched a little fire safety video.  After the video was finished Josh and the boys went into the "bedroom" portion of the trailer to experience what it's like when the room fills with smoke, and to practice the proper way to climb out of a window. The thought is this will hopefully prevent them from freaking out if it ever happens in our  house, now that they've experienced it in a safe environment.  I went outside to take pictures and to help Josh get Finn out.

Just a portion of the smoke that had filled the room.

After that the firemen put on their gear and showed the boys what they'll look like when they show up to a fire, again to prevent them from freaking out if it ever happens. They also let the boys try on the helmet.

Once that portion was finished, the fun for Mommy and Daddy began. The firemen handed us a fire extinguisher, lit a fire, and let us put it out (one at a time).

Then the boys were given some goody bags and back home we went, super pumped over our super fun morning.

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