04 November 2014

Carved and Etched

Apparently I never posted about last year's pumpkins. Allow me to rectify that by adding last year's stories and pictures to this year's post. It'll work out pretty well I think.

So, last year Karen took Josh and the boys apple picking at this farm called Riamede Farm. Josh (and the boys) liked it so much we went back the following weekend to do our hay riding and our pumpkin picking.

Having had such a great time last year, we decided to go back again this year. We met up with Karen and did all of our pumpkin picking, apple picking and hay riding in one beautiful afternoon.

Apparently I didn't take as many pictures this year as I did last year. I must have been too busy picking things. Like my nose. Hey-o!

With last year's pumpkins, Josh tried something new. Well, the boys' pumpkins he carved faces into like usual, but for the smaller ones we got, he used my whittling tools (like 10 years ago I had the bright idea to learn how to whittle while Josh was deployed, bought some stuff, tried it once, didn't get anywhere with it, then never tried it again) to etch pictures into them. Which, apparently I don't have a picture of. He does, I'm sure. Instead, here's a picture of the boys with their carved (and colored in Finn's case) pumpkins from last year:

Yes, they asked for bats as noses and eyes and ghosts as mouths. My kids are out of control sometimes. In fact, they asked for some of the same things again this year, but wanted spiders for eyes and whatever until I put the ka-bash on that. I said Josh could carve a spider as the design in lieu of a face, which then led to Zeke wanting a peregrine falcon and a flying gecko on his pumpkin:

Deacon decided he just wanted a straight up face, after changing his mind many times:

Finn wanted a lion. Josh didn't want to carve a lion so he did a beautiful job etching one instead: 

Eh? And because my husband is incredibly talented, he also made these pumpkins. Before I show them, these pumpkins we got at the boys' school. One Saturday they had a little "pumpkin patch" (and I use that term loosely) at the school and so we went down with Josh's parents who were visiting for the day and let the boys each get a small pumpkin. Josh had a good time getting creative with these pumpkins:



 Captain America


 The Hulk

 Black Widow



The Avengers logo and the S.H.I.E.L.D logo are on two separate pumpkins, while the different Avengers team members' are on one pumpkin. I'm pretty impressed, and pleased, being the superhero comic book nerd that I am. And the boys, all four of them, were happy as well, and that's the important thing.

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