15 June 2014

Second Week of June Recap

June's going to get a week by week recap this year. I'm trying something new. It might just be how I do the whole summer if I like it. I guess we'll see. Except for things that deserve/require/just straight up need their own individual posts. So, without further adieu, the first week of June!

I've already covered the first few days while Josh was gone, and I wrote about Deacon's cafeteria saga, so we'll start with the 7th (it's when I have pictures for) and go through the 14th (excluding the 10th), covering the rest of the first week and all of the second week!

The 7th was the first Saturday of the month, which meant we were at The Home Depot for their kids crafting day thing.

We also went fishing that afternoon. I caught a little something:

and Josh caught a bit bigger something, breaking Finn's fishing pole in the process:


Since it was super warm that day, we made our way to Frog Falls after dinner, and NO ONE was more excited about it than this kid:

The 8th saw Deacon going to his first NASCAR race with Daddy, Tante, and Pappy! It was at the Pocono Raceway, and he had a pretty good time.

On the 12th, Finn had a playdate with is girlfriend, Charlotte:

They're so stinkin cute together!

Finally, on the 14th, Josh and I went to the All Saint's Ball. Aren't we a handsome couple? 

So, there you have it. Tune in next week for this coming week's recap!

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