30 June 2014

Fourth Week of June Recap

This week was the week Deacon turned SEVEN!! But that'll be a post of its own in a day or two. For the time being, here are the other things that happened this past week:

Finn and I saw the Pepsi delivery guy and the Coke delivery guy blocking aisles having a nice long chat with each other:

I don't know why, but this just tickled me.

The 25th was the last day of school!

This means Zeke will be going into 3rd grade in September, and Deacon will be going into 2nd. Wow. Where does the time go?

Finn decided to increase his "superness" by wearing not one, not two, but THREE superhero capes at once:

(You can tell by the layers of red, blue and green under his chin.)

On Friday the 27th, we took the boys down to one of the lakes on base and Josh took them all for a little ride:

Then, on the 28th, my sister Katherine got married!! She got married to Ivan at camp and it was a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony and everyone looked beautiful and I'm so super happy. I also have no pictures of the actual wedding or anything so here's a picture of my family on that day.

Josh and I were asked to do the Bible readings, which was really nice for us. Finn tried to escape the chapel while we were up there, but I told my cousin to grab him, and he did. Nice save, Frankie!

All in all, a really great week!

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