21 August 2013

Sad But Not Surprising

As some of you may know I tweeted this picture the other day and said how we were going to follow the "recipe" and see what happened:

Here we are, following the recipe, having a great time doing so:

Now, here is the final result:

We wound up with 2 dozen "sinkers". I call them that because they were heavy and thick and felt like they would have sunk if I were to put them in water. They also had holes in the middle and were nigh impossible to remove from the paper. I'm wondering if I should have used self-rising flour instead? I don't know.  I do know that if you throw some blue frosting on them they don't look as bad:

It's not that they tasted bad or anything.  In fact, I think they tasted better without the frosting - they were more like muffins than cake. But we all enjoyed one and then I threw the rest away.

I guess next time I'll leave the baking to Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper.

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