07 August 2013

Did You Miss Me?

Wow.  It is really hard to get back into the swing of things when you've taken an entire month off to just relax and enjoy the summer.  July was a super fun month, and I am really happy I made the conscious decision to "take off" that month.  No school or getting ready for school, no Sunday school, no Bible studies, no blogging, rarely tweeting or facebooking (can I make that a verb?). It's been lovely.  But now it's August, and it's time to start buckling down and getting ready for the year at hand (and by year I mean September through June).  First, here's how we spent our month off.
Fourth of July we went to a picnic at Ryan's, then over the weekend we went to my aunt's house in the Poconos for a family picnic. She she has a pool and a little hot tub:
The older 2 boys went to VBS for a week and LOVED IT. Zeke was pumped from the beginning.  Deacon took a day to get comfortable there (he did some crying the first day, but that's alright). If you check my facebook you can see the video of him at chapel, reading and reciting what they learned about that week.
The day after VBS ended we drove down to Josh's parents for a few days.  Well, we went down Saturday morning, and Josh was picked up Sunday morning to go to Yuma for 2 weeks, but the boys and I stayed for a few days.  We had a really good time.  We went to the beach a few times, which the boys loved - especially Finn, but which also took a few years off my life I think. I probably had a mini heart attack every time Finn went under a wave, but he always came back up with a gigantic smile on his face, so it's all good.

We also set up their pool a couple of days, helped bake donuts, and played with their cousin, Sam, the day our visit overlapped with Linda's.
Oh! Looking at my pictures I see we also took the boys mini-golfing one night when Josh was on leave. He took leave the week the boys had VBS, so it was nice having him home before he took off for a bit.

The rest of the month was spent at home, chillin.  Or at the water park.  Zeke has overcome any and all fears of the water and is really coming along with his swimming.  Well, it's really more flailing and what's it now, but he's essentially a fish, and loves putting his face in the water and swimming under water.  This means he's no longer afraid of the big slides at the water park anymore!
And I think that's about it. I hope y'all are enjoying your summers as much as we're enjoying ours!

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