25 June 2013


The Saturday before Father's Day was the annual Down and Dirty Mud Run on post. My friend, Ryan, put a little bit of pressure on me to sign up, pressure which I in turn put on Josh, and that's how Josh, Zeke and Deacon, along with Ryan's husband Matt, wound up getting REALLY dirty that beautiful Saturday morning. They all had a GREAT time, and Josh said he couldn't have asked for a better Father's Day present. Get ready for a bunch of pictures, starting with this one of everyone still clean and ready to go:

The "race" started with a run around the lazy river at the waterpark - against the current:

Next they had to run back down to the pool and jump from the edge onto the giant alligator float. Since our boys were kind of small to make that jump, Matt went first, then Josh threw the boys to Matt:

Well, he threw Zeke, then jumped while holding Deacon.  I'm not convinced that was a good idea, but it worked, so onwards! From the alligator they jumped onto another raft:

Josh just had to be...different? ridiculous? silly? I'll let you pick your adjective.  After they made it to this raft they had to swim to the tubes, which wound up being Matt and Josh each walking across the pool while holding one of the boys. When they got to the tubes they had to crawl across them, bringing them to the end of the waterpark portion of the run.

Once they left the waterpark it was down one wet "slip n slide" and up a soapy one:

To help remove some of the soap, the course then took the runners through the fire truck spray:

After the fire truck they were off onto the mud portion of the mud run.  I didn't go along side them for this part, so I don't know exactly what all went on out there but there was talk of climbing walls and mud pits and the like.  We caught back up with the guys at the end when their final "hurdle" was this:

And that's how they all wound up looking like this at the end:

For those wondering about Finn, he ran around with me while I took pictures. He was a really good sport himself that morning.  I think having this around helped:

It really was a super fun morning for all of the guys, who can't wait for next year. Anyone want to join them?

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