05 July 2011

Um...Really, Guys?

Sorry it's been a full week since my last post, but it really has been a FULL week. As you may or may not know, the movers came last Monday and Tuesday and took away all of our stuff.

The move itself went well enough, even though I was convinced by the end of it that every moving team should have at least one woman on it solely for organizational and common sensical purposes. Take, for example, my bed. The first day of the move, one of the movers worked on my room. He didn't get around to taking apart our bed, so he left it over night. This was fine since it meant I'd have a bed to sleep on. However,

This is what they left. Just my bed, the fitted sheet, and Josh's bow and arrows. No blankets, no pillows, nothing. I'm pretty sure if there was a woman on the team, she would have said something like, "Are you going to take apart and pack up that bed today? No? Then maybe you should leave the blankets and pillows out." Sigh.

Likewise, I'm sure a woman would have come through the living room, saw the computer piled like this

and would have asked, "Are you going to pack that computer tonight? No? Then maybe you should leave it plugged in just in case they'd like to use it for one more night?" Sigh.

Then there was this, which I'm still not sure how or why it happened

Yeah. They just left that pile of stuff in the middle of our living room over night. Sigh. I partly blame this on how scatterbrained they seemed. They'd work on whatever rooms, then they'd take a break, come back from their breaks and start working on a completely different room, leaving the first room halfway done. Which, again, a woman might have prevented by keeping them on task a little better.

My 2 favorite parts though, are when they quit at 4 on the first day because they "ran out of packing stuff" yet

I'm just saying.


I found this the day after they finished and left. I'm not even sure how this happened as that suitcase was one of the first things from the shed that was picked up to bring to the garage for packing. So, not only was it dropped shortly after being picked up, but it was then left there and either stepped over or walked around who knows how many times. Sigh.

Now, I'm not really saying a woman would have made it all better. Just someone with better leadership skills who was a bit more aware of what his team was (or wasn't) doing. And maybe who was more concerned with my move than with his plans for Tuesday night. Again, I'm just saying.

But, it's all packed up, gone, and on it's way to NJ. The boys and I are enjoying living in our mostly empty house, or "camping" as I've called it to convince Zeke that this is great fun. Now we are counting down the days until Josh gets back (Thursday) and then it's one more week until we fly.

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Childress Family said...

Can't wait to see you on the east coast and meet all your boys!!! What fun!

Nicole and Chris said...

So DEVOTED, posting on the iphone? Counting down the time to see you guys (hopefully) in the Spring. Can't wait!