13 July 2011

The Housing Sitch

So here's the deal, for those wondering, on where we will be living once we get to NJ. Originally we had planned on buying a house off post somewhere, but while Josh was in Alabama he was talked into living on post. So we took care of all the paperwork and wound up being #2 on the housing list. Sweet.

I was really hoping we would be able to get one of the single family houses on post, and that it would be available for when we landed on Saturday. However, neither of those hopes happened. No single family houses are available at all, and the townhouse we will be moving into won't be available until the end of August. Not so sweet.

And it's not that I really have anything against townhouses, it's just the whole "sharing walls" thing. Our kids can be quite loud at times, making me worried for our neighbors. On the flip side, our kids are also pretty good, and what if our neighbors have loud kids too, but kids who are out of control? I know God is completely in control of all of this, but these are the thinks I think sometimes. But now the thing is the only townhouse available is a middle unit. An end one is supposed to open soon too, so we are hoping it does open before we move so we can have the end unit instead.

However, like I said before, neither unit will be available until the end of August sometime. Therefore, we will be staying with Josh's parents until the end of July, when we will then move into temporary housing on post (read: trailer park) until whatever unit we get is available for moving into. Sigh.

It's going to be a long rest of the summer.


MeFlute said...

Stay strong in Him, you know He is watching out for your needs!! I'll be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds rough, but remember God always has a plan even though I seem to forget that myself sometimes. Praying for you!

corry said...

all will work out for you im praying as always. If I had the extra room i would supply it to u and the kids can be as loud as they want on a farm :o) i hope i get to see you and get some love from the boys Sophia wants to meet her Aunt Beth :o)

Nicole and Chris said...

Beth you know that one of the wonderful things about our God is that he takes care of our needs and even our wants. Praying that you will be able to move sooner than expected and that your new home will be perfect for this crazy season of life, I know how stressful transition can be to Momma. In the meantime enjoy the help that your inlaws extend and let the kids get in some good loving from grandma and grandpa :) Praying HIS favor for your family!