07 July 2011

Just the Facts, Ma'am

Last week I took this guy:

in the clinic for his 4 year check up. (This picture is a few weeks old, hence the longer hair, but I love it and feel it truly shows Deacon's personality, so I'm using it.) Deacon did really well at his appointment. He is 41 1/2 inches tall, placing him around 50% for his age. He weighed in at 41 pounds even, placing him in the 80th percent for his age. Yes, he is a thick boy. I'm not saying he's chunky, he's just solid.

Deacon is also working on potty training (finally). He pretty much has the hang of peeing in the toilet, and for the most part, is good about telling me when he has to pee. He does a great job staying dry all night too. Our only hang up (which is the only thing keeping him in diapers at night) is pooping. He just can't figure that out. But we are working on it, and maybe when Daddy gets home today(!) he can help us with that (and maybe with peeing standing up). It would be so nice to have Deacon completely trained by the time we fly next week. Fingers crossed!

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