05 July 2009

Hygienist, Hiking, Hair, & Heat

Or, how we spent our four-day holiday weekend.

Hygienist (or Thursday):
Thursday started Josh's little vacation from work, and what better way to start a long weekend then taking the boys to the dentist. They did really well. Zeke was hesitant to do anything at first, so the dentist came in and looked at Deacon's teeth first. Deacon did well with this, so Zeke decided it would be okay to do it as well. The dentist said they both have great looking teeth, with lots of room in there (which is what you want), and that we're doing a good job. Zeke was then willing to let the hygienist clean his teeth. Deacon, however, was not willing to let her clean his teeth, but that's okay. He doesn't need it yet, it's really more an exercise of getting them used to it all for when they do need it. But it was a good visit and the boys did well.

Hiking (or Friday):
We took advantage of the gorgeous weather we've been having here lately and went for a little hike Friday afternoon. We walked a trail that leads along the river across the street from our house. We had a good time playing in the water with some sticks and, of course, throwing rocks into the water.

Hair (or Saturday):
I'm still not sure how it happened. I've been nagging Josh for awhile now about letting me cut the boys' hair. Not a lot, but they were getting shaggy (as you can tell from the pictures) and I wanted to trim them up a bit. You know, get it out of their eyes and ears, and off their necks a bit. After telling me "no" numerous times, I suggested we just shave their heads for the summer. To my surprise Josh agreed and so, after dinner on Saturday, we cut the boys' hairs. Maybe it'll be a new 4th of July tradition here? While we think they look great, it was a little sad seeing Deacon's sweet curls go. Hopefully they'll grow back.

& Heat (or Sunday):
Our last day of the holiday weekend we just enjoyed the warm weather. We put the boys in their bathing suits and tried out the sprinkler. They didn't really like it much. Well, Deacon didn't like it at all, but Zeke liked it when I chased him around with it. After some fun with the water (Josh and I had a mini-water war) we went into the backyard and got nice and dirty. Josh grilled some delicious halibut that he caught and everything himself. What a man.

And that, my friends and family, is how we spent our holiday weekend.


Aubrey Lynn said...

Pardon my French, but Deacon looks pretty badass with a shaved head, I must say! Glad you guys had a fun weekend!

JStar said...

The hair cuts look great! Also, I can't believe how beautiful it is up there! You guys just went across the street for your little hike and you get to see all that?! Amazing!

Julie said...

I finally got the nerve to shave Drew's head too. It is so much easier in the summer with boys I think.