21 August 2014

Raising Nerds

*sniff sniff* I've never been happier with my children, especially Deacon, than I was on Tuesday.  That's probably a bit of an overstatement, but here's what happened. I was on my optimum app setting up my DVR to record the new episode of Doctor Who that is going to air on Saturday (I'm so excited!). While I was on the app there was a button that said, "watch channel now." Usually this means it'll take me to the app store to download that channel's app, but I pressed it anyway to see what would happen and it started playing the episode of Doctor Who they were currently airing! Hearing that something was playing on my phone, the boys flocked to me and were enthralled with the alien creature the Doctor was currently fighting and with the whole show. So, I put it on the tv and officially introduced my boys to Doctor Who. At the end of the episode we watched (it was Smith and Jones for anyone wondering) I asked the boys what they thought. Zeke said it was weird and Deacon said it was awesome. That pretty much sums up the show - weird and awesome.

That being said, they are totally embracing the Doctor Who nerdity. We took the boys to Frog Falls Tuesday after dinner. During a random (and long) adult swim time, they sat in a circle and made up stories about their adventures with the Doctor. Well, Josh, Zeke and Finn made up adventures with the Doctor. Deacon was the Doctor. Later, Deacon spent the rest of the evening at Frog Falls actively imagining himself as the Doctor. The blue water slide became his TARDIS and he sang the Doctor Who theme song as he went down the slide. It was amazing.

The boys have also been going around calling themselves Doctor Deacon, and Doctor Zeke and Doctor Finn. Here are all three "Doctors" in their TARDIS yesterday at the playground:

It has been so much fun. I can't wait to show them more. I did, actually show them another episode that had the daleks in it, because how can you watch Doctor Who and not see a dalek? Needless to say, I've been hearing "EXTERMINATE" over and over since then. I am proudly raising the next generation of nerds. You're welcome.

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