20 August 2014

Our Week of Vacation

Every summer that we've been in NJ, Josh has taken a week of leave and we've gone down and stayed at his parent's house. It's nice because it's doesn't cost us any money (besides for groceries), and it's super close to the beach so we can go whenever we want (which would be ALL the time if Finn were in charge).

This also puts us a LOT closer to Brick, where my dad has a house, and we usually try to spend a day with him and Karen there, hanging out, taking boat rides, and "swimming" in their hot tub.

We always have a great time and it's something we look forward to every year. We also made it back to LBI for the CSSM birthday party! We also went mini golfing and had dinner and what's it, but this time Josh was with us and it was so much fun. YAY for beach mission!

Oh! While I'm here, before we went on our vacation, my dad and Karen came up and took the boys to the Turtle Back Zoo one day. They all had a great time, and now that I have a few pictures, I'll share them. 

Thanks for giving me a day to myself guys! I MEAN, thanks for taking the boys out and spoiling them for a day!

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