07 March 2014

Typical Deacon

It takes Deacon forever to get anything done. I'm talking forrrr.evvvv.errrrrr...

And here's why: Deaconland is an AMAZING place and so he tends to go there quite often. He can't stay away it seems. Take this morning for example. I took this video:
Want to know what he was doing? Or rather, what he was supposed to be doing? Making his lunch. He had finished making his sandwich and was on his way to the fridge to get his drink and fruit/vegetable. The fridge, by the way, is only maybe 3 feet away from where he was making his sandwich. However, somewhere over that 3 feet a magic portal opened and Deacon was clearly once again swept away into Deaconland.

This happens all the time you guys. ALL the time. The other week he needed scissors for his homework. He walked from the table to the where the scissors are (2 feet, maybe) and then stood there just staring into space. Josh walked by and said, "Deacon you're getting scissors for your homework." Deacon looked up and said, "Oh yeah!" Then he got his scissors and went merrily on his way back to the table to do his homework. (Homework, btdubs, takes Deacon almost twice as long as it takes Zeke to do because Deacon cannot stay focused. One second he's doing his homework, the next he's lining up his erasers in one formation or another to attack an invisible enemy. How did we get there? I don't know!)

Now, I love this kid, and I LOVE his imagination, but I'm not going to lie. There are times when it really frustrates me. Times when he's been at the table for almost an hour doing homework because he kept taking little trips here and there to Deaconland.  Times when I'm trying to get them all out the door to school (quite possibly the most stressful 5 minutes of my day as it is) and he's standing there with one sneaker and his hat on and nothing else, just daydreaming. Times when he's so lost in his current adventure that he doesn't realize he's spilling milk or food all over the floor as he sets the table. I know it needs to be embraced and I'm working on that - working on gently calling him back rather than losing my cool and yelling at him.  After all, I've spent my fair share of time lost in my own little worlds.

I guess I know where he gets it from then? It's a good thing we're both so darn cute.

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