16 March 2013

Mixed Signs

Yesterday I saw my first sign of spring:

Crocuses! These have been my favorite things to see each March because by the time they start to show up, I'm way past ready for some nicer weather. Thus, I was super excited to see them as Deacon and I were walking back to my car after school.

Fastforward about 7 minutes to when we get back on post where I see this:
On the road, on front of my car are the Seven Stripes of Slurry as I call them (I love me some alliteration- and I apologize for the terrible picture). When that stuff is put on the roads like that it means snow's a coming. Siiiiigh. So I went from sprouting crocuses, which mean Spring (yay!), to seven stripes of slurry, which mean winter (boo!), in a matter of minutes.

And as I look out my window right now, would you like to guess what's going on out there? It's snowing. Oh Spring, will you ever arrive?

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