17 January 2013

Some of You Asked For It!

I tweeted a week or so ago that I had been up "late" because I was helping Josh get ready for Round Two of the Middle Earth Lego Olympics or MELOs.  Interest in some pictures was expressed, so I am now, finally, getting around to sharing it all with you.  (It's been a long, crazy week since I've last been here.)
First, let me say that Josh's Lego'ing has not been limited to only Lord of the Rings builds.  He also created this "masterpiece" a few weeks ago:

Second, let me add that all of the things you're going to see at the following link are creations from his own brain.  They aren't pre-made sets with directions and all that.  These are things he built with his own Legos and ideas.  I know.
Once Josh's mild case of Lego mania became full blown he found a neat little Lego community site and joined it.  Here is the link to Josh's "page" I guess you'd call it.  (He really should be the one writing this post, but he's traveling and I'm supporting.)
From this page you can see his entries for the MELOs.  As well as more pictures of his house on the cliff and a few of his "earlier works", or as they're called, his Lego vignettes.
Third, his mania has not been kept to just building with Legos, but has spread to buying Legos.  He's been on ebay trying to find "rare" Legos, he found a site where you can order Legos brick by brick so you can get 3 of this one, and 7 of that one, you know, whatever you need, and he's been scouring the stores and amazon and other sites for sets that might have "cool" pieces that he'll "need".
Fourthly, Josh's Lego mania has spread to our oldest offspring.  Now, that's not to say the other 2 don't enjoy Lego'ing, because they do, but Zeke has a fever and the only cure is more cowbell!  Or Legos.  Zeke is really great at going through the ones with directions on his own, and he's even gone ahead and built a few things by himself as well.  My favorite is that he built this little space ship, I think he was calling it a dragonfly, and then he drew and colored a picture of his ship, cut it out, drew a guy to sit on it, cut him out, then glued him to the ship.  It's hanging on my fridge.
Isn't it adorable?!
So, that's where we're at right now.  Lego'ing like a gang (herd? pride? mob? bevy?) of maniacs.  I will say this though, if another LotR Lego set enters this house, I might just find myself online ordering some new shoes.

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