10 January 2013

A Sweet Party For My Sweet Boy

This past Saturday we had a "little" family gathering to celebrate Zeke's 7th birthday. 

See? Small. If you click on the picture it should make it bigger so you can read who everyone is...if you're so inclined.
Also there was Grandpa Bob.
This was pretty funny.  The two bigger boys were pushing against my dad, so he'd yell, "Come on, Finn! Help me push!"  Then Finn would run over to my dad, slam his head into my dad's butt and "push".
Family started showing up around 3 or so.  At 4 we had dinner, homemade lasagna with bread and salad.  Once dinner was cleaned up it was time for the usual birthday fare, cake and presents.
(You'll want to enlarge the cake picture - Deacon's face is fantastic.  Zeke's is pretty good too).  In order to ensure that his brothers did not "ruin" his birthday fun by "helping" him blow out his candles, Zeke took a deep breath and blew those things out before the rest of us finished singing the song.  It was like, "Happy Birthday dear Ezekiel.  Happy Birthday to-" POOF! Classic.
Of course, it wouldn't be a birthday here without some cookies made by my friend Heather.  This time the birthday boy requested Lego Star Wars cookies, and boy did she ever deliver.
All in all, it was a great afternoon. The birthday boy was so excited to celebrate his special day with his family, and I'm sure his family was happy to celebrate his day with him.  Thank you to everyone who came and spoiled him!

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