13 October 2011

So, September

And now, without further adieu, a quick wrap-up of all the fun we had in September (I will do my best to try and stay on top of blogging in October).

We checked out the water park on base and LOVED it. We can't wait for next summer so we can get a season pass and hang out there quite often.

We went to Josh's cousin's wedding. (Sorry no pics for this one...maybe on someone else's facebook?)

Zeke started kindergarten.

The chapel we go to here had a picnic, complete with tug-of-war (tug-o-war?).

Josh's parents brought Peavey back to us, much to the boys' delight.

We went to a little Oktoberfest celebration at Josh's boss' house.

My mom had a birthday and we went down for dinner. Sadly, Deacon (and me a little) got a bit sick, so we had to bounce right after dinner was over. (Again, sorry no pictures.)

We went to West Point to visit the Starlings. We also got to see the Golby and the Childress families while we were there!

Soccer season started.

I had my first back to school night, which was fun. (Also no pictures of this.)

And we did a bunch of just hanging out and "relaxing" when we weren't running around.

So, there you have it! September in a decent sized nut shell. The rest of the pictures are up on flickr, again, for anyone interested.

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