15 June 2011

We Have Dates

Since I know most of you have been wondering what's going on here and when are we leaving, and all that jazz, I thought I'd let you all know what we know, now that we FINALLY know it. You see, for the longest time we were waiting for the movers to schedule our move. Once the movers scheduled the move, Josh could get tickets for the boys and me to fly to NJ. Once Josh got our tickets, I could then get his tickets from NJ to Alaska, so he could fly back with us.

Seems simple enough, right? Well, from here, the army decided that the only way to get on the mover's list of people who want moving is to use a website they set up. Since it's a military website it doesn't work real well, and it took us 3 tries (1 by me, 2 by Josh) to get us into the system. A week went by and neither one of us heard from them, so Josh called the office up here, only to find out that there are two forms he needs to sign and either fax and/or scan and email back before they'll look at the dates we requested - and NO WHERE on the site did it say this NEEDED to be done. Sigh. But he got it all taken care of and the movers will be here to collect our stuff on the 27th and 28th of this month. (That means blog posts will be shorter and done from my phone since they'll be taking my computer then, just so you're all aware of what's to come here.)

Once those dates were set in stone, oh, quick rabbit trail: they originally wanted to pack us on the 23rd and 24th (Thursday and Friday) then leave my house in boxes for the weekend, and come back on that Monday and Tuesday to load everything on the trucks. Yeah. Thankfully, the guy from the moving company came and did a walk-through and when I asked him if he would be willing to leave the beds together over the weekend and leave out a box for the linens he was shocked that they were planning the move to take 4 days and assured me it could be done in 2, so now they're just coming that Monday and Tuesday. Whew!

Now, once those dates were set in stone, Josh called SATO and got tickets for the boys and me to fly back to New Jersey. We leave the 15th of July and land in Newark on the 16th. Please don't read this as an invitation to start calling and trying to show up on the 16th. (Not that any of you would, of course. Lols.) We'll need at least a day to recover from travelling all night and to get things figured out there. But it is very exciting to finally know when we'll be back on the east coast.

Once our tickets were booked and confirmed and set in stone, I called the airline we're flying on and got Josh's tickets. Can I just say, that God is good? Not only did I manage to get Josh on the same exact flights as us, but I was able to get him seats right next to us! Like, we had seats A, B, C, and D (let's say) on one flight, and Josh is now in seat E. I was so excited that it worked out because I was seriously worried that he'd be in row 6 and we'd be in row 37 and I'd lose my mind. I also, got the cat his "ticket" for the cargo section of the flights so Peavey is all set to make the long flight back to NJ as well.

And since the army is sending Josh to NJ from Alabama (and rightly so, I guess, since he's technically not stationed here anymore) I got Josh a round trip ticket from Newark to Anchorage, and so he'll be back here on the 7th of July. Whoo-hoo! And yes, for those of you doing the math, that means we'll be here for 3 weeks with no stuff - but I have a plan, so it's all good. Two of those weeks, we'll still have no Josh, but he'll be here for the last week to help with shipping my car and doing a final house cleaning and clearing and all that jazz (and restoring my sanity a little after spending 2 weeks in a mostly empty house with 3 balls of non-stop energy).

And now that a post that I had planned on only being a few short sentences of dates has turned into a long-winded story about moving and tickets and nonsense, I'm going to get going. I wonder though, I wonder if they'll keep the stuff I have in diaper boxes in the diaper boxes, just tape them closed, put a number sticker on them and throw them into the crate?


Words of Isa said...

I hope that everything goes well for your family during the move. We enjoyed meeting Josh and maybe someday we can meet the rest of the Walter clan.

Julie said...

You guys are going to be busy! I hope everything goes smoothly :)

Nicole and Chris said...

I am SO happy about this move....happy that you will finally be near family and happy that it means we will be able to see you in the Spring when we return to the States for a visit- WOHOO! (sad that you will be leaving friends behind in Alaska though)

Embrace the Circus said...

They totally did the "pack the stuff and leave it over the weekend" move to us this time. Fortunately for us, we just moved up to stay at my parents' once most everything was boxed... Still, it was the most draw-out, painful process ever. So glad you avoided it. And I can't wait to see you when we're all on the east coast!

Nicole and Chris said...

BTW those sunglasses are SWEET!