27 June 2011

Four Never Looked Like So Much Fun

I know I don't usually post on Sundays, but today was Deacon's birthday, and I wanted to make sure I got it up before our movers come tomorrow. Plus, I have a second post I want to write about an event that occured last night, again, before the movers come tomorrow, just in case the computer is one of the first things they decide to pack up. You never know. But first, today!

Today, my sweet, silly, shy guy Deacon turned 4. Judging by the smile that was plastered to his face for most of the day, I'd say he had a good one. I mean, it started with presents, so really, how could it be bad?

After he opened all of his gifts, they boys played with all of the gifts. Then there was breakfast and more playing. The next "big" surprise for Deacon was when we were leaving for church. Last night I had taken out his car seat and replaced it with a booster seat (mostly because I need the car seat to be packed by the movers). He. was. thrilled. But not only did I put his big boy booster seat in there, but I also found his sunglasses (as well as Zeke's sunglasses) last night while I was cleaning the car out a little bit. So, as soon as I got into the garage with Finn, both boys were chattering at me at about 100 mph. So exhausting, but so sweet all the same.

So, we went to church, had lunch, took naps, yadda yadda, all like normal. After naps, we had cupcakes! A friend and her son stopped by (mostly to return a movie she borrowed, but also to have cupcakes), as well as Amity and her oldest 2 boys, and the baby (of course). Unfortunately, Amity was late so my friend and her son didn't get to sing with us, but they did take a cupcake home with them. Also, since Amity's 2 boys were here, we went ahead and sang without her. But I think having Stephan and Wyatt here, meant a lot to Deacon. Zeke certainly thought it was cool.

After cupcakes the Amity and boys left, we had dinner, played a little, and watched "Peapunzel" (as Deacon calls it). Well, the boys watched the movie, I started moving all of the things I DON'T want the movers to move into the pantry. After the movie, the boys helped me pack a little and then it was off to bed, tired, but very, very happy.

Happy birthday Sweet Deacon. I really can't wait to see what 4 brings. It's going to be a big year for you. But I know you'll handle it with aplomb. I love you little man.

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