04 June 2009


First, I want to show you what a good job Josh did picking out a house for us to live in. I posted the pictures on Flickr. Click HERE to get to the set page. Once there, click on the slideshow option in the upper right corner and a slideshow of the pictures will start. Somehow the picture of the front of the house ended up towards the back of the slideshow and I can't fix it. Oh well.

Also. In case you didn't notice the different pictures cycling through the box on the left of this page, I put up May's pictures. You can see them by clicking HERE if you'd like. And that's all I have for you today. Enjoy the pics!


Ells said...

Yep. We totally want to come visit now. :)

I like the photo of the front of the house near the end. It's like building the anticipation. "And all this is wrapped up in.. THIS!" Like that.

Holly said...

Hi Beth!
Thanks for your well wishes...I'm glad you enjoy my blog! I love reading yours as well and seeing pictures of you and the boys :-)
I think a trip to alaska sounds pretty nice right about now ;-). Maybe I'll wait till July when it's like 1000 degrees here and I'm dying from the heat...hehehe...

Nicole Humphrey said...

What a sweet home! Is that the local volcano? or just a mountain outside your front door? Great windows, nothing better than waking up to sunshine!