19 May 2009

I Just Wanted To Share

For those who don't remember or have never seen "The Elephant Show", it usually ended something like this:

I taught this song to my kids and they LOVE it. We sing and do the hand motions and everything quite often. Now, I haven't blogged about this yet, and maybe some day I will, but we put the boys in a bedroom together here while my mom was still out. They thoroughly enjoy themselves in there, and the other night I had the best time listening to them as Zeke would sing the above song, and Deacon would cheer. I did my best to catch this on video.

That being said, this video is not the greatest. I had to film the door, otherwise it would have ruined the moment if I got busted opening the door at all. Also, there's a lot of background noise (dog barking) and he sings softly at first. SO, I would recomment starting it, then stopping it right away so it can complete it's buffering/loading/whatevering process. Then I would click to the 28 second mark and enjoy.

Also, I got April's pictures up on Flickr today. You can click here to go see them, or click on the box of ever moving, ever changing pictures on the left side of the screen. Sorry there are so many pictures of mountains. 1. They're everywhere up here. 2. They're GORGEOUS. Talk about God's amazingly beautiful creation. 3. The pictures come from my mom's camera as well as Josh's camera so there are twice as many to begin with than if it was only my camera. That being said, I will try and get May (so far) up there soon, and I will try to post a little more often now that all of our stuff is here, and most of it is unpacked. So, um, that's all. Toodle-pip!

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Aubrey Lynn said...

Oh...my...gosh...I LOVED this show!!! I used to watch it all the time at Oma's house, mainly because it was the only thing she would let us watch other than Sesame Street. Wow, that brought back some memories. Good times!