13 April 2009

Just Wanted To Let You Know

That's right, Daddy's home! Josh got to the house at 1am Saturday morning. We both got the boys up (when it was time, not at 1am). As we opened Zeke's door, he saw me and said (as usual), "Mommy!" Then he looked over and saw Josh and as his eyes got all big he said, "DADDY!" Then just hugged Josh for a solid five minutes.

Deacon, on the other hand, played it shy. He insisted that I get him out of bed, and wouldn't let Josh hold him right away. Obviously he got over it very quickly. Josh is enjoying seeing all the changes since he left two months ago.

My mom also got in on Saturday. It was a big day for the boys. For all of us, really. We had a nice Easter too. Nothing very "Eastery" happened, so there isn't any pictures of dying eggs or digging through baskets, but it was a good day all the same. I hope that you all had a wonderful "Resurrection Day" and now I must go and start packing up some stuff for the big move this week. If you don't hear from me again soon, I'm sure I'll be back shortly after we arrive in Alaska on Saturday. (I really cannot believe that I will be in Alaska in just a few days. Life is very surreal right now. Don't worry, it's in a good way.)


Ells said...

hooray for Josh being home!!!! And cheers for your mom being there to help!

All this moving you are doing is making me feel very stable with my 15 consecutive months in the same house! Hope you will settle in fast and find some wonderful friends in Alaska!

Sara said...

I'm crying as you describe getting the boys up and can picture the whole thing. Yay for Daddy!

Travel safe, and God's Blessing on your move. :)

Anonymous said...

Beth and Josh,we will be praying for you. I am excited to see what God has for you in Alaska. We enjoy your blog and think that you have the greatest blog ever!!!
We love you and miss you!
Aunt Lorrie and Uncle Ray

Heather Angliss said...

YES. Awesome. I'm so glad Josh and you Mom made it. Now off to Alaska! So fun! I'm excited to hear about all the adventures!

Anna Childress said...

Praying for your move.

corry said...

yay for josh being home good luck with the move God is with you the whole way. Ur all in my thoughts and prayers. Cant wait to see the pics of the new place :o)