20 April 2009

Another Post With No Pictures

I know, I have to stop writing these. But I just wanted to let you all know we made it safe to Alaska! The boys did great on both airplane rides. I got sick on the first one (I think it's just small planes that really get me), but felt much better on the second one. The house is fabulous. The snow is gone, except for the tops of the mountains. And there are a lot of mountains. There is a particularly nice one right out our front windows. Walmart is about a mile away. And so far we are adjusting pretty well. I'm not sure the boys have fully grasped the concept that this is home now and we won't be going back to Oklahoma (at least not any time soon), but they'll get there. And since I'm still worn out from the past couple of days, I am going to go now. But know that we are here, we are safe, and I am FINALLY going to a dentist tomorrow!


corry said...

glad you are all safe and everything is falling into place. yay!! good luck at the dentist hope all goes well my love miss you. need pics soon lol

Aubrey Lynn said...

Glad you guys made it safe! Maybe now the boys can learn to ski (or snowboard) down those beautiful mountains. I am interested to hear more stories from Alaska.

Gramma said...

Hi Beth!
We don't mind if there are no pictures. We just like hearing from you ;)! Thanks for letting us know you've safely arrived! We've all been praying for a nice safe trip to your new home.
Good luck at the dentist. We'll say some prayers for that, too!

Sara said...

Yay! Home, safe and sound!

Can I ask yet? How did the dentist go?

Kiss those sweet boys for me.

Embrace the Circus said...

Congratulations! Getting there was no small feat -- good luck settling in. We hope that Alaska continues to be fabulous (and the dentist, too)!

Anna Childress said...

We'll continue to pray for the adjustment. Hope you meet some great people soon. That's always hard for me...being away from friends.