03 March 2010

I'm Out of "Snow" Titles

Since it did this last Thursday and Friday...

...dropping yet another 6-8 inches on us (after the foot we got two weekends before, which was on top of the three feet of snow that was still lying around since it doesn't go away until April or some time around there), I figured I would write my post about how our weather's been lately.

From what I've been told, it was a pretty mild February. No where near the normal amount of snow fell, and it actually got pretty warm in the middle there for a week or two. Of course, by warm I mean in the mid 30's, but it was so nice compared to the negative temps we were getting used to. Not to mention the wonderful fact that the sun has finally started making it over the mountains by us, so we actually get to see the sun for a little bit each day the sky isn't covered with clouds. I can tell I'm not the only one who missed it because every time it was out Zeke would get all excited and say, "Mommy, look! The sun!" Then he'd run around the house and point out all the rainbows that the sun was making on our walls by shining through our hall light.

The warmth and the sun have also meant that the sheet of ice that's been covering our driveway for the past however long softened up enough for Josh to get out there and chip it away, including the "speed bump". You see, most of the roofs over the garage/driveways around here are angled, like this:

Ours, however, is not angled. It's perfectly straight. Like this:

While it looks nice, the problem is that when the weather warms up a smidge and stuff starts melting the angled roofs drip the water off to the sides of the driveway. Our roof, being straight, just lets the water fall where it may. This led to a lump of solid ice at the top of our driveway that was literally the size of a speed bump. Needless to say, it made pulling into the driveway a fun time, almost every time. But it's gone now, because Josh spent many hours (over the course of many days) doing this:

Don't worry, he didn't have to do it all by himself though. He had some "help" one day:

Notice how, in the middle and right pictures, Deacon is shovelling the snow from the snow bank onto the driveway. He's such a good helper. Zeke and I "helped" by coloring on the newly cleared driveway (it's a rocket):

And now that the boys are up from their naps, and doing things on the computer quickly gets stressful when they are out of their beds, I will close with one last picture:

Sorry it's dark. The camera batteries were practically dead, so Josh couldn't get the flash to go off. But, what this is a picture of, is Josh standing in front of the snowbanks that now flank our driveway. For those who don't know (or don't remember) Josh is 6 foot 4 inches tall. The bank behind him is almost as tall as he is, so I'd put it at around 6 feet tall. That's right. There is currently six feet of snow at the end of our driveway. It makes me even more thankful that we live on a little cul-de-sac that no one really drives up and down because sometimes it's really hard to see around the banks to see if there is anyone coming.

And to think, this has been a mild winter so far. Wow.


Embrace the Circus said...

I feel like a big brat for whining about our rain. Forgive me.

Childress Family said...

Snowverkill, Snowpacolypse, Snowmageddon, Snowma, Snowkuna matata, Snowmygoodness are just a few titles the witty wordsmiths around here came up when we were dealt a large amount of wintry goodness. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you borrowed them. For us, I think we're finally out of the woods with forecast highs in the 50s next week. Woo hoo!